Rome with no Monuments or Museums

This year I decided to give myself a break from the normal Roman Tourist scene, and decided to dedicate my trip to other important aspects of the Eternal City. Lately it seems that for every client interested in Art, Architecture, and History, there is another traveler whose interests are more aligned with shopping, dining, cooking and the like. I am not one to judge, but only to serve at the needs of Bravo’s customers.

This morning I hopped on the tram (an efficient and inexpensive means of transport), and headed to meet our Culinary Tour specialist for a day of tasting and learning about Rome and its’ food history. Our first interesting nugget was learning that the Roman cuisine is known as “Quinto Quarto,” (fifth quarter) which refers to the offal that was leftover and distributed throughout Rome after a cow was slaughtered. We started as you might expect…with a morning cappuccino at Caffe Peru. Yes, it’s true, a cappuccino is only acceptable as your first coffee drink of the day. Caffe Peru is a lovely bar with a great staff, and on my favorite street in Rome: Via Guilia. Next, we wandered through Trastevere where we had a wonderful potato pizza at Boccaccia. You cannot experience a Roman Culinary Tour without a visit to the Market at Campo dei Fiori, one of the most famous markets in the world. Bring your camera, as all foods are colorful, ripe, and swelling with juices. Just as obvious as our tour starting with a cappuccino was the finale of a gelato. Cremeria Monteforte gave me yet another gelato option to recommend for those with a sweet tooth.

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