Stumbling Upon Pietrasanta

I arrived in Pietrasanta thinking at best I might find a good place to send our travelers interested in visiting Cinque Terre. What a found was a town that had so much more to offer than easy access to the Italian Riviera.

Pietrasanta is an artisan community, reflected by the many art galleries that dot the streets. The town evolved into a haven for artisans and sculptors due to its’ proximity to the nearby marble quarry. An overlooked aspect of the town is the wonderful restaurants serving Tuscan fare. My favorites were Cerbero and Pinochhio, both trendy, yet warm, fun, and delicious!

I recommend hiring one of our private drivers to explore the Cinque Terre, so as not to miss the wonderful vistas afforded driving along the highway. Traveling by train is a more affordable option, but deprives one of some of the best views while in tunnels on the train.

Explore the area by foot and ferry. You will obviously want to walk between Riomaggiore and Manarola, known as “Via dell’Amore.” Enjoy a seafood lunch, washed down with Vermentino wine.

Other wonderful options for your time in Pietrasanta include excursions to nearby Lucca, Pisa, shopping in the lovely Forte dei Marmi, or perhaps a spa treatment at Grotta Giusti.

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