Ferraris and Dining with Italian Granny’s

Whenever I have the opportunity, I jump at the chance to visit Bologna. Due to its proximity to Rimini, where I attended the Travel Tourism workshop, Bologna makes for a logical next destination.

It’s hard not to love a city nicknamed “The Fat,” derived from its culinary treasures (most famously the tortellini in brodo, as well as the lasagna). There is much more to adore about Bologna than the food. For starters, it captures the Italian authenticity that escapes the larger, more visited cities. There is also a vitality to Bologna that is a by product of the largest Italian University. Youth is served in Bologna. Spend time exploring Piazza Maggiore and my favorite: Piazza Santo Stefano. The Fountain of Neptune will surprise, and the story of the two towers should be heard. 

When I’m in Bologna, I always grab some parmesan and mortadello from the famed grocery: Tamburini, and head to Osteria del Sole where you can have some wine to go with your goods. This place is from another dimension, just order your wine, and act like you’ve been coming here for years, which I have.

This year, Bravo Italian Tours has arranged for our clients to test drive their choice of Ferrari in nearby Maranello. Even if you don’t wish to drive one (who wouldn’t), spend time at the wonderful Ferrari Museum across the way.

The last new addition to our Emilia Romagnia activities is the opportunity to have dinner, and if interested, a cooking class in the home of an Italian family, who carry on the tradition of Italian cooking and eating.

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