Clooney, Bond and Feinstein on Lake Como

As I boarded the ferry after arriving in Como, I was frantically trying to negotiate doing everything I wanted to in the limited time I had. I grabbed a seat out back under the open sky and began worrying about ferry schedules, Villa hours of operation, restaurant reservations, and so on… The concerns fell by the wayside as I finally took in the beautiful landscape I was fortunate to enjoy. Beams of sunlight danced across the mountaintops onto the Lake. The white-capped Swiss Alps rose dramatically from the V-shape created by the descending mountains. Now it hit me, Lake Como is best enjoyed on Lake Como, slowly making your way on the slow ferry from “pontile” “dock” to pontile, capturing whatever Villa, Garden, or other breathtaking scenery that was just coming into view.

I don’t mean to suggest I did not have my favorites. Villa Balbianello, seen in a Bond and Star Wars film, was more impressive than one can imagine. A visit to Bellagio should include a stroll through the Botanical Gardens of Villa Melzi. Lastly, take the gondola from Como to Brunate for a spectacular view of the Lake.

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